Foodie Fix: On a Budget

I’m a foodie. I’ll just own that. If you give me the choice between “Your Neighborhood Applebee’s” and the local restaurant owned by your neighbor, I’ll take the latter. Now, don’t get me wrong. Someone got the husband and I a gift card to Applebee’s for Christmas, and we gladly used it. I’m also not above the late night craving for cheese fries from Steak n’ Shake. But locally owned restaurants almost always beat the pants off of any chain.

Example: Zapp Thai Restaurant. My parents invited the husband and I to go here recently. I. Love. Thai. Food. So, it was an easy decision. It was SO delicious. The prices were reasonable, but with baby F on the way and my recent job switch, our pockets aren’t nearly as full. So, Zapp Thai will have to go on the “Hey, I found $20 in my coat pocket” list for a while.

In the mean time, when I’m craving Thai, I’ll make it at home. Thai food can be a bit complicated and sometimes still expensive even to make at home. Here is where my new favorite site comes in: Budget Bytes! We’ve made several recipes from this site. At least one a week goes into our meal planning. They have all been addicting, easy to moderate to make, and of course affordable. This week we will be making Thai curry vegetable soup. Give it a try, and tell me what you think.

To bring a little more dining out to your dining in experience, you could get all fancy as f and make a little carrot flower garnish like the lass in the video below.

TIP: Find resources like Budget Bytes, plan your meals weekly before grocery shopping, and avoid the friggin’ tuna helper while still making meals that your bank account and your taste buds will thank you for.

Do you have favorite budget recipes? Share below!


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