New or Secondhand?

You know those times you walk in to Target and want to buy everything? Ya, that’s every time for me, too. So, how do you resist buying all of the cute clothes, toys, decor, yada, yada, yada? Let’s find out, shall we?

Don’t Go

…to Target and the other tempting stores when you don’t HAVE to. I know, it’s tough. I work 5 minutes from a Target. I want to go over my break pretty much every day. But you can do it! When you run out of milk and eggs, just keep driving past that shiny bullseye and park it at Aldi. You’ve got this.

Create a Registry

The husband and I were so excited to register that we made a date out of it. We spent three hours scanning barcodes with grins on our faces like we were kids on Christmas morning. Afterwards, we went out to dinner using a gift card someone had gifted us.

Creating a registry fed the desire to go shopping for all of the new, cute things without actually buying anything. I know it’s delayed gratification to have to wait until you have a shower. What helped me was checking my registry once in a while and even updating it from time to time. Plus, think of all of the unwanted “Mommy’s Little Kicker” onesies you’ll avoid getting by giving someone a list of what you really need and want. (Note: you can’t avoid all of the random presents…I now have 32 bibs. At the least kid will always have a place to drool.)

Shop at Secondhand Stores

Okay. You don’t have to give up buying things COMPLETELY. It’s like when you’re on a diet and you completely deny yourself the foods you love the most. Often you eventually give in and give up.

Here are 5 steps on how to responsibly shop secondhand:

  1. Look at your budget and set a spending limit. Don’t skip this step. It doesn’t take long, and it’ll save you from spending more than you have.
  2. Check your local secondhand stores for sales to make your budgeted amount go even further! Prices are already low, but why pay $10 for a snowsuit when there’s a $1 clearance sale?! Husband and I came home with two huge bags full of clothes, winter coats, hats, etc. and spent under $50 when we hit up a $1 and 2 for $1 clearance sale at our local secondhand store.
  3. Make a list of what you need and take it with you. This way you don’t blow your budget on 15 adorable dresses and leave thinking, “Maybe I should have gotten a stroller”.
  4. Ask about rewards. Even secondhand stores have rewards programs! Take advantage of every savings opportunity! We’ve already received coupons and discounts with our rewards card.
  5. After you’ve filled your cart, go back through everything. You’ll likely end up putting some things back you realize you don’t need or even like as much as when you first saw them. We’ve done this every time and ALWAYS end up putting some things back. Bonus step: take someone with you who will help you make good decisions. I always go with my husband because we are each other’s voice of reason.

In addition to secondhand stores, there are other online resources. Check your local Facebook sale groups, Craigslist, and your neighborhood site.

Conclusion: Weigh your options. You don’t always have to buy secondhand, but it usually makes the most sense and cents.

Final Tip: Let your community love you. When someone offers you something to either keep or borrow TAKE IT. We’ve been blessed to have people give us things that have saved us hundreds of dollars!



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